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...CurveFit Tracer
...gas suppression
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Rethink, Reinvent . . .at low cost.                        
Dear customers & visitors, as Microsoft is closing down its SharePoint soon, .TT pocketEngineer softDesign is relocating its home to Google site at

Rethink, Reinvent (under $2 scheme)

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Rethink as a small "donation" for solving a task or two for you.


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Note: The Rethink, Reinvent application software does not work on Windows XP.


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. . . to serve you better at low cost. Simple & Effective.


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. . . free is not necessary good as internet users turn the free software into a spam software. Be cautious!




    Rethink, Reinvent Windows application software list                    


Rethink as donation!

  CurveFit Tracer 
This app does a couple of tasks:
(1) Obtain curve fitting equation from published graph / graph image.
(2) Complex intersection points of 2 lines.
(3) Pump curves (2 identical pumps in parallel) and System curve.


USD 2.00

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  Gas Fire Suppression Calculations


This app provides you with a simple and effective way of sizing - 1 click compares 5 gas suppression systems (FM 200, Novec 1230, Inergen IG 541, Nitrogen IG 100 and Argonite IG 55).

USD 2.00


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  Compressed Air Ring Main Pressure Drop Calculations


This app equips you with calculation capability to properly the size ring main (loop) pipe in compressed air piping network.


 USD 2.00



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