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 Pipe Sizing - pocketPipe v1.16

a handy design tool for pipe sizing + pipe friction loss, chilled-water flowrate, pipe insulation, etc 



To take a glance at all pocketEngineer software and OS requirements, click Overview.

For Android OS, see aPipeSizer.


Note: pocketPipe Sizer (Windows) and aPipeSizer (Android) are not the same.




pocketPipe: a handy tool for your pipe design and sizing 

Pipe sizing and pipe friction loss calculations have never been easy. Not anymore! With pocketPipe (Pipe Sizer), you can do your pipe design and sizing at anytime, anywhere...

Aim: creating a mobile design environment (
ShowMe!) for the practising engineers & designers in today's mobile world.

Results: Instant solutions at your fingertips.



- chilled, condenser & hot water calculations (Find capacity, flowrate, dT)

- general purpose pipe sizing + pipe frictional loss rate ( Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach)

- cold pipe insulation thickness and heat gain calculation

- "save-to-file" function for printing

- in SI units only



 Pipe Sizer: design explained . . .  
Pipe Sizer employs 2 options for pipe friction loss calculation, i.e., Hazen-Williams equation  or  Darcy-Weisbach equation . Darcy-Weisbach method is generally considered more accurate than Hazen-Williams method. However, Hazen-Williams method is very popular since its friction coefficient, C, is not a function of velocity or pipe diameter. It is to note that Hazen-Williams equation is only valid for water at temperature 4 - 25 oC (40 -75 oF).


You can choose water density and pipe materials with built-in database. 





Darcy friction factor, f, is solved by  Serghide's explicit equation - an approximation of the implicit Colebrook-White equation. Serghide's solution closely mirrors Colebrook's implicit solution within 0.0031%. 

Note: Pipe Sizer does not calculate minor (valve and fitting) loss.



For full pipe & fittings frictional loss (pressure drop) calculations,

(a) see  Pipe_f.Loss program using Darcy equation and Hooper 2K method for a single pipe calculation.


(b) see  ePF Loop Pdrop program for multiple series pipes and a single loop ring main network using Hardy cross method, Hazen-Williams equation, Darcy-Weisbach formula, equivalent length Le method and resistance coefficient K method.



(c) also, see   multiple Pipes Pressure Drop (Android) for multiple series pipes using Hazen-Williams equation, Darcy-Weisbach equation, equivalent length Le method and resistance coefficient K method.



 Calculation Example: see to believe. . .  

The following design calculations are done with pocketPipe in just a few clicks away.


Worked Example
Design/size the chilled-water pipe for an AHU of capacity 50 tons (176 KW).

Step 1: Calculate chilled-water flow rate
Capacity = 50 Ton
dT = 5.5 oC
CHW flow = 7.63 l/s

Step 2: Calculate pipe size
Flow rate = 7.63 l/s
Pipe vel = 2.1 m/s
Pipe size = 68.02 mm dia
Selected pipe = 80 mm dia
Actual vel = 1.52 m/s

Step 3: Calculate pipe friction loss
(Pipe frictional loss calculations by Darcy method)

Flow rate = 7.63 l/s
Pipe size = 80 mm dia
Density = 1000 kg/m3 (Water @ 10 oC)
Dynamic viscosity = 1.306 cP
Roughness = 0.046 mm (Steel)
Velocity = 1.52 m/s
Reynolds number = 92,982
friction factor = 0.020818
Friction loss = 0.00300 bar/m
Friction loss = 0.29980 kPa/m
Friction loss = 0.03058 m/m

Step 4: Calculate pipe insulation thickness
[1] Ambient Conditions:-
Temperature = 28 oC
RH = 76 %
Dewpoint Temp = 23.37 oC

[2] Surface Air Film:-
Outer Surface = 0.100 m2K/W

[3] Inside Pipe:-
Fluid Temp = 6.7 oC

[4] Bare Pipe:-
Outer Diameter = 88.9 mm

[5] Insulation:-
Thermal Conductivity = 0.023 W/mK
Min. Thickness = 7.70 mm
Surface Temp = 23.37 oC
Recommended min. thickness = 19.70 mm
Surface Temp = 26.10 oC  


[6] Heat Gain Calculation:-
Insulation thickness = 19.70 mm
Heat gain = 7.64 W/m run

Heat gain = 18.96 W/m2
Surface Temperature = 26.10 oC



Experience yourself the mobility of pocketPipe

Price: USD 10.90




OS requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 ...                 


For Android OS, see           


Accept: credit card payment with PayPal


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 pocketPipe - pipe sizer



Pipe Sizing for general water service applications



  Chilled Water, Condenser Water, Hot Water calculations



 Cold Pipe Insulation thickness calculation and Heat Gain