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gas suppression
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 Gas Fire Suppression Calculations


- one click compares 5 gas fire suppression design solutions.








There is a need for fast and easy methods to get the amount of gas and its cylinder quantity that is needed for planning and design purposes.


This app provides you with a simple yet effective way - 1 click compares 5 gas suppression systems (FM 200, Novec 1230, Inergen IG 541, Nitrogen IG 100 and Argonite IG 55).


The design calculations are based on NFPA 2001: 2012 edition. You don't need to lookup for Flooding Factor in NFPA tables. The Flooding Factor is calculated automatically.


Built-in selection features:

- Design concentration for Class A, C and B (Heptane) fire.

- Cylinder fill capacity.



Note: This calculation software is designed in SI units.




The results can be saved in text file.









Final Thought: I thought this will provide solutions to meet your deliverables at anytime. 





OS Requirement: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, ... (does not work on Windows XP)



Purchase: USD 2.00


Accept credit card payment with PayPal.


Note: check your email /junk mail after making payment.

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