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... pocketEngineer software for mobile design

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...Ductulator Plus+
...aDuctulator (And)
...aBattMV (And)
...aKitchenExhaust (And)
...tRod Sizer (free)
...pocketPipe Sizer
...aPipeSizer (And)
...multi Pipes PD (And)
...aPocketGas (And)
...rhoAIR (free)
...aRhoAIR (free) (And)
...aPsychroAC (And)
...AirTAB superEZ
...Qcool Check
...aCriticalVel (And)
...aPocketPool (And)
ePF Loop Pdrop
...hydrant pressure drop
...Pumping Mainline
Rethink, Reinvent apps
...CurveFit Tracer
...gas suppression
...CA ring main Pdrop
your  design power and knowledge with pocketEngineer software at ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ...

Dear customers & visitors, as Microsoft is closing down its SharePoint soon, .TT pocketEngineer softDesign is relocating its home to Google site at


 pocketEngineer software - a touch of design


specially engineered "mobile" design software for Windows  OS or ANDROID OS




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 If you wish to be able to provide answers at anytime, anywhere Then

  never too Late, pocketEngineer software provides you with

  Just-In-Time solutions for your design needs

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go... Today in Singapore, Tomorrow in Dubai, Next day in Mongolia... be mobile, be pocketEngineer > ShowMe!


in mobileDesign

size matters - small is better!


 shiok, simple, practical, professional 



specially engineered and built, pocketEngineer mobile software is developed and intended for building services practising engineers to enhance their professional competency and image at the spot.


- enhance mobility of Engineers & Designers

- mobile design solutions on-the-go

- instant design solutions at your fingertips

- save design time

- consistent design solutions

- user-friendly with built-in data & guides

- enhance professional image at the spot

- save-result-to-file function for printing


unique design criteria for pocketEngineer software

- no others like this!


- fully mobile "plug-and-use" program; works from any sources at anytime, anywhere (for Windows)
- no setup requirements (for Windows)
- programming by Professional Engineer




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