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 Qcool Check 1.1

common cooling load check figures based on Ashrae and Carrier publications



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Qcool Check: cooling load check figures  

Qcool Check program provides fast and easy access to various common cooling load check figures. The check figures provide an estimation of total building cooling load needs.


Aim: creating a mobile design environment (ShowMe!) for the practising engineers & designers in today's mobile world.

Results: Instant solutions at your fingertips.



- select/display cooling load check figures at your finger tips 
- various published cooling check figures options based on Ashrae pocket guide, Carrier table, &  Carrier  CSQR
- function for user to edit and keep own project records
- fully mobile program without setup requirement

- selectable units available in SI and IP



 Cooling Load Check Figures . . .


During project planning and preliminary design, an initial cooling load estimation often starts with available common cooling check figures or rule of thumb. Qcool Check program provides you with a centralised mean of access to check figures for quick load estimation.


The built-in data for cooling check figures are taken from:

(1) Ashrae Pocket Guide

(2) Carrier Table

(3) Carrier Commercial Systems Quick Reference


The selectable units available are:

- m2/kW

- m2/Ton

- W/m2

- Ton/m2

- Btu/h.ft2

- ft2/Ton



 Feature . . . Store User Data 


User can store/edit its own project data at the  "Edit User Data" module.



Qcool Check

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Download now:

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OS requirements: Windows Mobile (not Windows Phone OS), Windows.         

Accept: credit card payment with PayPal


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 in SI & IP units

 Qcool Check Main Menu

  see Qcool Check explained!



 Edit User Data module


Calculate total load module