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 Water Pumping Mainline Pressure Drop  
-  working example with ePF Loop program (Windows)

total pump head calculation



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ePF Loop programmulti-purpose easy Pipe Friction with series pipe

Application example: Water Pumping Mainline

System design: To pump water from Point A  to Point B

Pump flow rate: 240 l/s total

Nominal discharge pressure required at discharge outlet: 0.2 bars

Elevation difference = 20 m

Pipe material: Ductile iron


600mm diameter mainline pipe:

- total length = 600m

- 6 nos 90o standard elbow

- 9 nos 45o standard elbow

- 2 nos Tee

- 1 no magnetic flow meter


400mm diameter pump suction/discharge line pipe:

- total length = 10m

- 2 gate valve

- 1 check valve

- 2 reducer/expander

- 1 no 90o elbow




Applied Working: Refer to the system schematic sketch below, calculate the total pump head required for the system. 




In ePF Loop program, the total pressure drop for the system is adding all components causing resistance to flow. You're in control the whole calculation experience.






input and result screen snapshots  . . .



total pressure drop (head loss) calculation main page



series pipe pressure drop calculation page






Results Deliverable:


In ePF Loop program, the results are saved in text file. You can then reformat, cut & paste, and so on to suit your desired format.











>> go Hydrant Ring Main Example with ePF Loop



>> go Pump kW and NPSH Examples with aPipeSizer (Android)



>> Analysis example: Loop pipe ring main, see  




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